Highly efficient 1,600 Watt extremely rugged RF power transistor targets 50V FM radio broadcast applications

Ampleon BLF189XRA

Ampleon announced the high power rugged BLF189XRA RF power transistor aimed at broadcast FM radio applications transmitting in the 88 – 108 MHz frequency range.

Ampleon - BLF189XRA

Operating from an industry standard 50 V power source the BLF189XRA delivers over 1,600 Watt (CW). Featuring best in class operating power efficiency (>82%), the transistor’s “green” credentials help deliver an environmentally-friendly performance and being capable of delivering such power levels from a single SOT539 package reduces the number of RF power transistors required overall. In addition, for a given output power requirement, reducing the number of PA transistors required keeps the size and costs of a transmitter to a minimum.

Graphic symbol and simplified outline
Graphic symbol and simplified outline.

The BLF189XRA is an extremely rugged device that can withstand a VSWR of 65:1, conditions which might be encountered in a harsh operating environment or during maintenance routines.

Ampleon’s stable manufacturing production processes aids maintaining high levels of product consistency which coupled with comprehensive application support helps end-equipment manufacturers reduce the time needed to bring their product to market.

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