Melexis boosts automotive ambient lighting performance and simplifies its use with latest LIN RGB LED controller

Melexis MLX81113

MLX81113 delivers more functionality for ambient light applications, simplifies the design process and meets ISO 26262 for ASIL-A applications

Melexis extends its successful IC family with a new generation of its LIN RGB(W) LED controller. The new member – the MLX81113 – will support the further growth of RGB LED based automotive ambient lighting, also known as LIN RGB, which is already well established within nearly every OEM worldwide. The MLX81113 features more on-chip memory, higher output current and increased EMC robustness compared to the popular MLX81108. It also offers ISO 26262 functional-safety compliance to support its use in ASIL-A classified systems.

Melexis - MLX81113

The MLX81113 raises system-on-chip capabilities, featuring the MLX16 FX 16-bit RISC microcontroller with 2 KB of RAM and 32 KB of application usable Flash memory, together with system ROM for increased application performance. The on-chip EEPROM is increased to 576 bytes for storing user data, such as LED calibration coefficients to ensure uniform brightness and color for automotive applications.

Melexis - MLX81113

The four output current sources are software programmable and can deliver up to 60 mA, allowing the use of a wide range of RGB LEDs from different suppliers. Independent PWM control, configurable up to 16-bit resolution, provides the capability to adjust any color point and brightness level of the connected RGB LED. Built-in temperature monitoring ensures stable color over the full temperature range, from –40 °C to 125 °C, and permits temperature compensation for all color channels. Any temperature drift of red color as well as green and blue can be fully compensated. To support fast application development a complete tool chain is available, including an evaluation PCB as well as in-circuit-emulator and C-compiler package. To simplify customers’ software development all essential software parts like LIN driver, color mixing and math library as well as IC initialization routines are also available.

The MLX81113 Simplified Wiring Diagram
The MLX81113 Simplified Wiring Diagram.

The MLX81113 contains a complete LIN system, including transceiver and protocol handler for connecting RGB ambient modules to the vehicle’s existing LIN network. Compliant with LIN2.x and SAE J2602 standards, and supporting auto-addressing, the on-chip system enables minimal module size and bill of materials (BOM) costs.

Evaluation Board for MLX81113
Evaluation Board for MLX81113.

Manufactured using the newest silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, the MLX81113 features high-voltage I/Os and can operate from a supply voltage as low as 4 V, delivering superior performance even if the vehicle supply voltage fluctuates, such as during stop-start operation. Safety features include 28 V jump start, and battery over-voltage and under-voltage detection. The MLX81113 is in production now and can be supplied with PPAP in accordance with AEC-Q100. It is available in a choice of SOIC8 exposed pad and leadless DFN10 3 mm × 3 mm thermally enhanced packages for superior thermal performance.

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