STMicroelectronics Announces New Audio Amplifier IC That Leverages the Expertise of Alps Alpine

STMicroelectronics FDA901

New-generation class-D amplifier boosts car-audio sound quality

STMicroelectronics announced the new FDA901 class-D audio amplifier IC, with a semiconductor design that incorporates the world-class audio design expertise of Alps Alpine, a major Japanese manufacturer of car audio equipment and information communication equipment. The new chip aims to contribute to the creation of multi-function, high-fidelity car audio systems that fuse the high efficiency of class-D amplifiers with the high-quality sound of ST’s class-AB amplifiers.

STMicroelectronics - FDA901

The FDA901 features low residual noise, a low distortion ratio, a flat frequency response achieved through feedback technology, and low EMI levels. It delivers high-purity audio performance by minimizing dropout of audio signals. Equipped with a range of self-diagnostics and other advanced functions to measure real-time speaker current and impedance, factors prized in the next-generation car audio market for diagnostics and to compensate for loudspeaker imperfections, FDA901 is a class-D audio amplifier IC that simultaneously shows both extremely high-quality sound and very innovative features that improve sound fidelity.

The FDA901 is in volume production. Budgetary pricing is $9.10 for orders of 1,000 pieces and the product will be available through distributors by April 2020.

STMicroelectronics - FDA901


  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Integrated 110 dB D/A conversion
  • I2S and TDM digital input (3.3/1.8 V)
  • Input sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz
  • Class-D channels with 93% efficiency
  • CISPR25 - Class V (Fourth Edition)
  • Low radiation function (LRF)
  • Output lowpass filter included in the feedback allowing superior audio performance
  • High output power capability
    • 28 W/4 Ω 10% THD, Vd = 14.4 V
    • Max. output power: 4 × 50 W/4 Ω @ 15.2 V, 1 kHz
  • Full I2C bus driving (3.3/1.8 V):
    • Channel independent Eco-Mode
    • Channel independent soft play/mute
  • I2C bus diagnostics, including DC and AC load detection and load value recognition
  • Integrated fault protection
  • Input and output offset detector
  • Clipping detector
  • Real time load current monitoring (on I2C and TDM data lines)
  • ESD protection
  • 6 V operation ("Start - Stop" engines compatibility)
  • 2 and 1 Ω load driving capability

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