Analog Devices introduced Ultrathin 1.5A μModule Thermoelectric Cooler Regulator

Analog Devices LTM4663

Analog Devices introduced the LTM®4663, a complete 1.5 A μModule® Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) regulator in a tiny 3.5 mm × 4 mm × 1.3 mm LGA package. Included in the package are the TEC controller, linear power stage, switching regulator, inductor and all support components.

Analog Devices - LTM4663

Operating over an input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V, the LTM4663 supports a 1.5 A continuous sink or source current capability. Only input and output capacitors are needed. The LTM4663 has two zero drift, rail-to-rail chopper amplifiers to serve as the thermistor input amplifier and the temperature feedback control loop.

1.5 A TEC Supply μModule Regulator
1.5 A TEC Supply μModule Regulator.

The LTM4663 supports NTC, PTC thermistors and resistive temperature detectors (RTD). The maximum cooling and heating currents can be programmed independently as well as the maximum TEC voltage.

The LTM4663 is available in LGA RoHS compliant terminal finish.

Efficiency vs TEC Current at VIN = 5 V in Cooling/Heating Mode with 2 Ω Load
Efficiency vs TEC Current at VIN = 5 V in Cooling/Heating Mode
with 2 Ω Load.


  • Built-in Two Zero-Drift, Rail-to-Rail Chopper Amplifiers
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V Input Voltage Range
  • 1.5 A Driving Capability
  • 1% Accuracy 2.5 V Internal Reference Output
  • TEC Voltage and Current Monitoring
  • Independent Programmable Heating and Cooling Current Limit
  • Programmable Maximum TEC Voltage
  • Default 2 MHz Switching Frequency
  • Synchronization from 1.85 MHz to 3.25 MHz
  • Capable of NTC, PTC and RTD Thermal Sensors
  • 3.5 mm × 4  mm × 1.3 mm LGA Package


  • TEC Temperature Control
  • Optical Networking System, Optical Module
  • LiDAR System

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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