Texas Instruments Announces a new family of high-performance LED matrix drivers

Texas Instruments LP5861 LP5862 LP5864 LP5866 LP5868 LP5860

Electronic devices are becoming smarter, requiring to use larger quantity of LEDs for animation and indication purposes and high performance LED matrix driver is required to improve user experience with small solution size.

Texas Instruments - LP5861, LP5862, LP5864, LP5866, LP5868, LP5860

Announced by Texas Instruments, the LP586x is a family of high-performance LED matrix drivers. It integrates 18 constant current sinks with N (N = 1/2/4/6/8/11) switching MOSFETs to support N × 18 LED dots or N × 6 RGB LEDs. The LP5860 integrates 11 MOSFETs for up to 198 LED dots or 66 RGB LEDs.

The LP5860 supports both analog dimming and PWM dimming methods. For analog dimming, each LED dot can be adjusted with 256 steps. For PWM dimming, the integrated 8-bit or 16-bit configurable PWM generators enable smooth and audible-noise-free dimming control. Each LED dot can also be arbitrarily mapped into 8-bit Group PWM to achieve dimming control together.

Simplified Schematic
Simplified Schematic.

The LP5860 device implements full addressable SRAM to minimize the data traffic. The ghost-cancellation circuitry is integrated to eliminate both upside and downside ghosting. The LP5860 also supports LED open and short detection functions. Both 1-MHz (max.) I2C and 12-MHz (max.) SPI are available in LP5860.

The LP586x family

Part Number Material Led Dot # Package
LP5861 LP5861RSMR 18 × 1 = 18 VQFN-32
LP5862 LP5862RSMR 18 × 2 = 36 VQFN-32
LP5864 LP5864RSMR 18 × 4 = 72 VQFN-32
LP5866 LP5866RKPR 18 × 6 = 108 VQFN-40
LP5868 LP5868RKPR 18 × 8 = 144 VQFN-40
LP5860 LP5860RKPR 18 × 11 = 198 VQFN-40
(1) Extended Temperature devices, supporting –55 °C ~ 125 °C
operating ambient temperature.


  • LED animation and indication for:
    • Keyboard, mouse, and gaming accessories
    • Major and smart home appliances
    • Smart speaker, wired and wireless speaker
    • Audio mixer, DJ equipment, and broadcast
    • Access equipment, switches, and servers
  • Constant current sinks for optical module
The LP5860EVM Evaluation Module
The LP5860EVM Evaluation Module.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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