Benchmark power density of 5130 W/in3 with GaN FETs powers artificial intelligence and advanced computing applications


EPC announces the availability of the EPC9159, a 48 V / 12 V, LLC converter designed for high-density 48 V server power and DC-DC converters. This reference design can deliver 1 kW of power in a tiny 17.5 mm × 22.8 mm footprint for a power density of 5130 W/cm3. This is achieved by employing gallium nitride (GaN) power switches operating at high switching frequencies in both the primary and secondary circuits.

EPC - EPC9159

The power supply topology used in the design of the EPC9159 is based on the LLC topology. The implemented LLC consists of a primary side full bridge, a fixed ratio planar transformer, and a center tab synchronous rectifier for the secondary side. The primary full bridge uses four EPC2619, 80 V-rated 3.3 mΩ GaN transistors, and the secondary uses six EPC2067, 40 V-rated 1.3 mΩ GaN transistors.

The EPC9159 achieves a power stage efficiency of 98% at 25 A and a full-load efficiency of 96.2% at 83 A into 12 V. This design is ideal for high-density computing applications such as artificial intelligence and advanced gaming.

The EPC9159KIT demonstration kit
The EPC9159KIT demonstration kit

Price and Availability

The EPC9159 evaluation board is priced at $787.80/each and is available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key Electronics.

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