IDT Introduces Industry's Most Flexible Intelligent System Power Management IC


Highly Integrated Total Power Management IC with Built-In CPU Ideal for Portable Consumer Applications

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. announced a highly integrated microcontroller-based Intelligent System Power Management Solution targeted for portable consumer products, such as Smartphones, portable navigation devices, mobile Internet devices and eBooks.

Компания IDT: IDTP95020

The unique architecture of the IDT P95020 features a best-in-class high-fidelity audio subsystem, clock generation, resistive touch controller, backlight LED driver, Li+/Polymer battery charger, multi-channel DC-to-DC converters and a high resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC). By embedding a microcontroller, the IDT P95020 offers full programmability and flexibility into designs using leading multimedia application processors. All of the functional blocks can be accessed via I2C. The programmable regulators satisfy the dynamic voltage adjustment required by application processors.

“The IDT P95020’s innovative architecture, with an embedded CPU, can manage all on-chip resources and also offload general housekeeping and I/O processing tasks from the application processor. This unique feature, along with programmable system power regulation blocks and an on-chip power management scheme, results in higher system performance and longer battery life,” said Farshad Zarghami, senior director of product marketing at IDT. “Building around the IDT digital heritage combined with leadership in high-performance silicon timing, PC audio codec excellence and integration of newly developed high-performance mixed-signal mega blocks, the IDT P95020 is the first in a series of next-generation Intelligent System Power Management solutions being developed by IDT as part of its mixed-signal SoC growth strategy.”



  • Quick Turn Customization
  • Embedded Microcontroller
    • Master Controller during Power Up & Power-Down
    • Initialization and power sequencing
    • Dynamic Power Management via I2C bus interface
    • Up to 10 General Purpose I/Os available
    • General house keeping for P95020 and other devices
  • Audio Features
    • 4 Channel CODEC with 24-bit resolution and internal
    • registers for status and control
    • Integrated 2.5 Watt Mono Class D Amplifier
    • with Filterless Operation.
    • Stereo cap-less headphone driver
    • Differential Analog Audio Line Inputs
    • Dual Mode Microphone Inputs (Analog or DMIC)
  • Battery Charging Circuit
    • Autonomous Li-Ion/Li-Poly charger up to 1.5A
    • Automatic Load Prioritization
    • Advanced Battery Safety features
    • High efficiency switch-mode EnergyPath controller
    • USB or Wall-mounted Charging
    • Programmable Current Limit
    • Automatic end-of-charge control
  • Power Management Features
    • All Converters:
      • Power up/down sequence field reprogrammable with external EEPROM
      • Dynamic voltage scaling
      • Host or I2C output enable / disable
    • Buck DC-DC PWM converters with PFM mode
      • Two at 500mA, 0.75V to 3.7V
      • One at 1000mA, 0.75V to 3.7V
    • Boost DC-DC converters
      • One at 1.5 A peak on inductor, 4.05V to 5.0V
      • One LED supply with 2 W total output power
        • Two programmable current sinks, 25mA each
        • Voltage limited to rating of external FET & diode
    • Linear Regulators
      • Three LDOs at 150mA, 0.75V to 3.7V
      • Four LDOs at 50mA, 0.7V to 3.7V
      • One always-on LDO at 10mA, 3.3 or 3.0V
  • ADC and Touch Screen Controller
    • 4-wire touch screen interface
    • One direct battery measurement channel
    • One direct VSYS measurement channel
    • One direct charge current measurement channel
    • On-Chip temperature measurement
    • Four auxiliary analog input channels (shared with GPIO pins)
    • Touch pressure measurement
    • Sample rate: 62.5k SPS
    • 12 bit resolution, DNL: -1~+2 LSB, INL: +-2
    • On-chip 2.5V reference

The IDT P95020 is the latest generation of cost-effective, customizable Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) that provide optimum performance, functionality, programmability and flexibility to the system designer of portable consumer applications. Its subsystems consist of multiple switch-mode DC-to-DC converters and low-dropout (LDO) regulators, battery charge management, white LED drivers, low-power stereo audio and voice codecs with a mixer function, Class-D amplifier and headphone driver, a PLL for on-chip and off-chip clock generation, and a touch-screen controller. The embedded CPU utilizes on-board system management resources, such as instrumentation SAR 12-bit ADC and a real-time clock to provide optimum flexibility while reducing overall system power dissipation. The IDT P95020 PMIC is the first of its kind to integrate all the system power regulation and management functions along with human interface subsystems, such as audio and touch user interfaces.

IDTP95020 Block diagram

Блок-схема IDTP95020
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To help customers design their next-generation devices using the IDT P95020, IDT provides evaluation kits, pre-defined sample scripts and the IDT GUI-based scripting tool.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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