Pinnacle Systems selects Philips' proven Audio/Video decoder chip

Philips Semiconductors

Philips' SAA7134 chip solution provides top A/V performance, flexibility and cost reduction for PC-based TV reception

Royal Philips Electronics announced a key customer win for its industry-proven A/V decoder chip solution, the SAA7134. Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has chosen Philips' SAA7134 A/V decoder chip for its PCTV stereo. This next-generation stereo TV tuner board transforms a PC into a TV and personal video recorder (PVR), as well as an output to recordable CD or DVD from the included CD/DVD writer software. The SAA7134 single decoder chip solution is flexible in its design, with re-usable components, reducing overall investment for Pinnacle Systems and other manufacturers. Furthermore, it detects and decodes all worldwide analog TV video formats, all European TV stereo formats, and delivers consumers with exceptional picture quality.

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The SAA7134 is a single-chip, multi-standard TV video and stereo decoder solution, flexible in design and delivers exceptional picture quality and advanced video features proven in other SAA713x devices. Its versatile external interfaces lower bill of material (BOM) and support advanced TV decoder configurations. In peripheral component interconnect (PCI) configurations, the SAA7134 enjoys full use of PC streaming capabilities by outputting decoded video, audio and vertical blanking interval (VBI) samples.


Philips' SAA7134 A/V decoder IC (integrated circuit) in LQFP128 packaging is currently in volume production. Pinnacle Systems' PCTV stereo will be available in retail outlets from mid-October 2003.

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