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  1. The local interconnect network (LIN) bus continues to see widespread adoption in the automotive world. This robust, cost effective communication scheme allows implementation of many basic networking functions in sub-systems previously considered to ...
  2. Drivers Automotive Power Melexis MLX81205 MLX81207 MLX81210 MLX81215
    Melexis announces the next Generation IC Family for sensor-less and sensor based BLDC motor control for automotive applications. The new IC family follows the very successful MLX81200 core integration concept. This newest family of driver ICs ...
  3. Sensors Measurement Melexis MLX90614ESF-DCH MLX90614ESF-DCI
    Melexis launches its 3rd generation of contactless MEMs infrared temperature sensors. The high accuracy of the newest member of the MLX90614 family makes it suitable for limitless applications in automotive, medical, industrial and consumer ...
  4. Melexis newest generation of Triaxis sensors bring second generation advancements to challenging applications in harsh environments. The Triaxis technology has proven to be a leading solution to a variety of position sensing requirements. EGR ...

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