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  1. This single chip, Bluetooth 5 ready SoC packs a huge performance punch and solves a lot of challenges for smart home, IoT, and wearables developers Nordic Semiconductor announces the launch of its Bluetooth 5 ready nRF52840 SoC with features and ...
    Wireless » Nordic » nRF52840
  2. The Bluetooth v4.2 certified nRF52832 is the first of Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52 Series Systems-on-Chip and is supported by a full range of development kits, software, and documentation, now fully finalized from the previous Beta versions ...
    Wireless · Wireless » Nordic » nRF52832
  3. The first two ICs to debut in the nRF51 Series are the nRF51822, a multi-protocol Bluetooth low energy / 2.4GHz proprietary RF SoC, and the nRF51422, the world’s first ANT / ANT+ SoC. These devices share a new higher performance, lower power ...
    RF · Wireless · Microcontrollers · Wireless » Nordic » nRF51822, nRF51422
  4. Nordic Semiconductor announces the release of the nRFready µBlue Smart Remote the world’s first complete reference design for Bluetooth Smart (as Bluetooth low energy will now be marketed to consumers) advanced navigation remote ...
    Wireless · TV » Nordic » nRF6923
  5. Nordic Semiconductor demonstrates its upcoming nRFready uBlue Desktop reference design the world’s first fully functional Bluetooth Smart wireless mouse and keyboard combo. Working with a laptop with built-in support for Bluetooth Smart ...
    Wireless · Computers and Peripherals » Nordic » nRFready μBlue Desktop
  6. Nordic Semiconductor releases the nRFready R/C Racing - a complete reference design for advanced remote controlled racing toys such as cars, that enables toy manufacturers to bring previously impossible game-play features to mass-market toys by ...
    Microcontrollers · Wireless » Nordic » Nordic nRFready R/C Racing
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