Antenna Design Guide AN11019 CLRC663, MFRC630, MFRC631, SLRC610

NXP AN11019 CLRC663 MFRC630 MFRC631 SLRC610

Application Note AN11019
July 2012

This document describes the principles of antenna tuning for the contactless reader IC CLRC663, MFRC630, MFRC631, SLRC610. A practical example is given to tune an ID2±10 antenna for all baud rates according to ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693.

This application note is intended to give a practical guide to match an application specific antenna coil to the output driver of the CLRC663 and its derivates MFRC630, MFRC631 and SLRC610; further reference as the "CLRC663 Family". The antenna is directly connected to the reader board without any cable in between the reader and the antenna.

 The application note is intended to give a practical guide to design antennas and calculate the matching components for the CLRC663 Family. The user can follow the guideline to design an antenna and the RF circuitry and will find a tuning procedure described as well.

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Antenna matching block diagram
Antenna matching block diagram

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