Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader. Part 2. Target-Side

In the first part we have considered a circuit design and software of Host-part.

The target-side consist of device minimum system based on ATmega162 and infrared hardware unit. Device minimum system consist of ATmega162, external SRAM 8 kbyte and ISP interface. Device firmware was compiled using CodevisionAVR.

Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader: Target Device

Target-Side Features are:

  • Atmel AVR uC memory operations: read, write and erase.
  • Memory supported: flash, eeprom and fusebits (extended also).
  • SCK Frequency max. 1,3824 MHz or min. 172,8 kHz. Manually configured.
  • Error detection during transmission through infrared implements CRC16.
  • Data packet size 128 byte length, can be increased in future development.
  • Can handle data transmission at about 15 meters max.
  • Developed for all Atmel AVR series but still partially tested (different SCK frequency of specific AVR series aren’t examined).
  • Maximum target memory operation can handle is 8192 byte (8 kbyte). It depend on the external SRAM size now but it can be changed in firmware algorithm.

Target Device Schematic Diagram

 Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader: Target device Shematic
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Target-side: schematic diagrams, software for microcontroller:

Shematic Diagrams: IR transmitter circuit, IR receiver circuit

External SRAM 8 kbytes, datasheet

74HC373N, datasheet

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