0-1000 Volt Regulated High Voltage Power Supply

Input voltage from high voltage DC DC converter is 12V AC at 800mA current and then converted to DC through a bridge rectifier Diode 1A. The voltage output of converter circuit can be adjusted in the range of 0-1000V DC. This high voltage DC DC converter uses the transformer as a base and several other active components include 555 timer IC, CMOS IC 4001, IC voltage regulator 78L05, some NPN transistors and a pair of logic MOSFET IRF510 as a final amplifier.

Регулируемый высоковольтовый источник питания 0-1000 В
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1000 Volt DC to DC Regulator Circuit

The workings of high voltage DC to DC converter is the same principle as written in previous articles. The difference shown is this converter schematic is a high output voltage and can be arranged.

If a particular transformer mentioned in the schematic is not available, every transformer with primary specification 117V AC, 6.3V AC CT secondary to work. In this case, converter circuit operating at a sweet spot of the transformer, you may need to select a different drive frequency.

Be careful when handling high voltages! You are responsible for yourself.

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