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  1. Sean Coates Sean shows us how to use an Arduino for kegerator temperature control. A Kegerator is a beer keg built inside a refrigerator. Anyone want a cold beer? He discusses the home brewing process and how a microcontroller can be applied to ...
  2. Gang Xie Description Do you often forget to irrigate your plants? Do you have to ask your neighbors to take care of them when your whole families are out for a vacation? Don’t worry any more! Here is a solution. This embedded system, ...
  3. [ index ][ back ][ site search ] [ acronyms ] [ discussion ] [ mail to a friend ] [ post message ] Mains surge suppressor The following circuit is a schematic of mains surge suppressor circuit manufactured by Strömfors and sold undel model name ...
  5. Metal detector The co-author of this project is Andrei Chtchedrine. Andrei is author of Metal detectors for treasures and relics hunting book. His hobby is metal detectors (theory and practical designs). Visit his website! We have designed the ...
  6. LED power supply - Single AA cell powers two LEDs at constant current HOME This circuit is reasonably efficient, but efficiency can be increased by using a germanium transistor at the 33 ohm current sense resistor.     HOME
  7. LED stepdown power supply - PFM stepdown switcher powers LEDs at constant current HOME This is a proof of concept circuit which needs improvement. The part values shown will run a high efficiency red LED with a Vf of 1.9V from only 2 nicads, right ...
  8. LED Stroboscope - Maintains constant brightness at all flash rates HOME The rotary switch is available for $5.00USD as of 2003 from DigiKey under part number EG1951-ND or EG1952-ND. It is a real pain to operate this circuit without a proper switch. ...
  9. Stud Sensor Automatic - This is the old discrete component design, now superceded by a PIC. HOME This thing is a very neat capacitive sensor. For you europeans, this little gem is used in north america mostly for detecting wooden beams behind ...
  10. Flashlight Timers - Children's flashlights often have timers to preserve battery life HOME A nice design which even turns off if the pushbutton is held depressed or jammed a long time. Not re-triggerable while the light is still on though(Thanks ...

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