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  1. I bet nobody has given you a business card before that actually dials you up by itself! Read on to find out how I did it ... Do you like making things? Do you do it for money, or would like to? If so, you need a business card. These can be your ...
  2. This project is a remote control system based on a pic and an universal remote controller for TV, named SIMPLEX. The IR signal of a specific remote controller is received from an IC receiver(SFH 505 or similar ) and sent to the pic, the inside ...
  3. Several months ago, I stumbled across an interesting article on about the possibility of an alarm clock in which the alarm only sounds when the user is actually lying in bed. The idea peaked my interest a bit. Unfortunately the ...
  4. Rolf R Bakke modellfly [a] 12 LED's flashing in different random-driven patterns, some includes variable intensity (12 channel PWM). Mount the LED's in a wall clock, or anywhere else! :) See it in action here: There is files for ...
  5. Create a cheap and green solar heater for less than $10. All you need is foam board, lots of pennies, black spray paint, and plexiglass. The assembled product should be placed next to a window and can increase the room temperature by a minimum of ...
  6. It seems like everywhere you go, someone’s cell phone is playing a personalized ringtone. Whether annoying or clever, it’s your call, but inside your home, it’s still the domain of the boring “ding-dong.” Not for long, ...
  7. A few days ago we started writing about our DIY Solar Bag and today we start to show you how to make your own solar Bag ‘the easy way’. Part one is about the integration of a solar panel in a bag. What you will need for this part of the ...
  8. A speedometer measures a wheel's rotational speed. Unlike conventional mechanical and moving-magnet designs that use analog moving-pointer displays, the electronic speedometer in this Design Idea features a digital readout and a power-saving device ...
  9. An IR signal is seen by a reverse biased IR diode which produced an electrical signal according to the light intensity. This signal is then amplified trough a transistor and used to power an ordinary LED. This means that the LED will light up when ...
  10. This cool device can be used in many areas. You can connect up to 8 different devices to 8 relays and control them remotely with IR transmitter. The whole system consist of two parts: IR transmitter and receiver with controlled relays. Transmitter ...

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