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  1. Kiril Karagiozov EDN One way you can control the temperature of a soldering iron is with a microcontroller, using temperature feedback from the thermistor in the handle near the iron's tip. This Design Idea presents a soldering iron driver that ...
  2. This article shows how you can perform repairs on snapped or broken PCBs. Quite often, whilst repairing old computers or other electronics, I find badly damaged PCBs. Recently my brother-in-law asked me to take a look at a head-unit from an ...
  3. MarauderFox, Australia I do a lot of computer building and repair and found countless CPU's with pins bent at 1 degree all the way to 90 degrees. So I'm gonna show you a cheap and easy way to fix any CPU that uses pins now that I've perfected my ...
  4. Mike Haney A redesigned motor gives this drill a serious boost in juice. A More Powerful Motor: For guys on a job site drilling hundreds of holes a day, power matters it lets them work faster and blow through knots, nails and other obstructions. ...
  5. I'm just toying around with this idea at the moment. If I start using photo exposure PCB type production, I'm probably going to need a light box. I have tried using spray on photo-sensitive resist and exposure to the sun. It was a complete failure. ...
  6. n this article, we point out some important facts in designing RF application PCB boards. Of course there are many other facts that are not listed below but for the beginners these may be enough for now. First of all, separate the analog , RF and ...
  7. There are lots of ways you can clean your soldering iron tip, but i never saw one that cleans so well. Have you ever tried cleaning it with one of these ? I think it’s main use is somewhere in the kitchen, but it works great for cleaning the ...
  8. Ultimate Parts Storage If you like making things, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of little parts - nuts, bolts, screws, electronic parts, etc. This is one of the cheapest, most compact, flexible, portable and simple ways of storing ...
  9. Do you like making electrical gadgets? Read on to find how to make them look indistinguishable from professional shop-bought equipment with nothing more than a can of spray glue and some OHP transparencies. Whether you are just making a flashlight ...
  10. Here is an electronic breadboard template I created. I went looking for an SVG file of a breadboard but the only breadboard template example I found didn't seem to be scaled in such a way as to be useful for actual layout diagrams. This is the ...

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