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  1. Introduction After the invention of hyperpaper, I began to scan my books. Soon I found out that what I expected was true -- It was awesomely BOREING! If this drudgery were to be automated! Scanning a book involves picking up the book from the ...
  2. fritsl This is a walk through on how to make an autonomous, self-exploring, own-mind (not remote-controlled, not strictly pre-programmed, but reacting to surroundings) robot in a few hours. It is really easy, and it does not involve knowledge of ...
  3. Philo LEGO temperature sensor is both expensive and hard to find (the only reliable supplier I know is PleStore, who only delivers in USA!). I thus tried to build one fully compatible with the original temperature sensor, so that RCX is able to ...
  4. Chris Introduction When I first started in the field of robotics, electronics and sensors I had always wanted to make my own robotic arm. The idea of being able to make such an advanced idea come to life out of simple parts found around the house ...
  5. Nophead Although I am fortunate enough to have a project room which is nearly 3 m by 4 m, as you can see it almost completely full of junk. The large glass fronted MDF box on the far left next to HydraRaptor is a 400 CD jukebox that I designed and ...
  6. Since I finished my degree in April, I have been looking for work. The search has been slow but hopefully soon I will be making the big bucks. To fill my spare time I decided to do something with the mounds of electronics and such sitting in my ...
  7. Solar Engine Circuit - Small DC motor runs off of calculator solar cell in dim light HOME How do we achive 10nA operation? By using diodes in place of pull up resistors, and by isolating the DC load from the trigger circuit via junction drops and ...
  8. Stepping Motor Driver - Minimalist circuit uses one CMOS gate and is reversible HOME Many floppy drives and some subminiature printers contain bipolar stepping motors that draw very little current. The first circuit will drive small 5 volt steppers ...
  9. Sound Activateded Toys - A microphone drives circuits which run a small electric motor HOME This circuit makes a flower bop to the beat of music. The flower stem contains a crooked wire which is spun by the motor. The circuit is a microphone driven ...
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