Motorola Introduces Low-power ICs to Control Motors in Portable Products

Motorola Semiconductor

SMARTMOS ICs Enable Extended Battery Life in Consumer Electronics and Toys

Oct. 20, 2003 - With a line of advanced power integrated circuits (ICs) from Motorola, Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector, designers of consumer electronics can now offer extended battery life for their portable products.

Motorola's MPC17500 family is comprised of nine motor controller ICs featuring single, dual or quad h-bridges. When combined with a microcontroller (MCU), these ICs are ideal for controlling one, two or four motors. With highly efficient h-bridges, they help enable exceptional battery life in portable consumer electronics, such as 35mm and digital cameras, compact disc and DVD (digital-video-disc) players, mini-disc players and toys.

Each of the MPC17500 devices is manufactured using Motorola's proprietary SMARTMOS process, which combines high-density, high-speed logic with precision analog and efficient power circuitry. This enables a low resistance-drain-to-source (RDSon), which translates to low power dissipation.

The MPC17500 devices are designed to replace bipolar h-bridge ICs, which typically have higher power dissipation when turned on due to their higher saturation voltage (Vsat). They also generally have a higher current drain when not performing switching functions, therefore can waste power - and drain battery life - even while in a rest state.

Pricing and Availability
The MPC17500 family is comprised of the MPC17550 and MPC17559 4-channel drivers; the MPC17529, MPC17530, MPC17531 and MPC17533 2-channel drivers; the MPC17517 1.5-channel driver, and the MPC17510 and MPC17511 1-channel drivers.

Each of the MPC17500 devices is available now in sample and production quantities. Suggested list prices for 10,000-piece quantities range from $.51 to $1.64 (USD).

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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