KP25x Evaluation Kit Now Available


Infineon's new evaluation kit for digital BAP sensors is now available. It is based on C# and Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 and can be ordered through ISAR.

This evaluation kit simplifies and shortens the design-in phase for digital pressure sensors typically used in engine management, industrial control, altimeter and weather station applications. It supports Infineon's KP253, KP254 and KP256 digital pressure sensors.

The PC software has been developed in C# using Microsoft's. NET Framework 2.0.

KP25x application circuit

KP25x application circuit


  • Sensor with read and write EEPROM
  • Continuous monitoring of air pressure
  • Standardized programming tool for digital pressure sensors


  • Automotive engine management
  • Small engine management
  • Industrial control
  • Altimeters
  • Weather stations
  • Medical applications

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