Fairchild Semiconductor's 20V Single P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFETs Improve Portable Device Battery Charging and Load Switching

Fairchild FDMA910PZ FDME910PZT

Devices Offer Thin Package and Low Gate Current Leakage

To help designers of cellular handsets and other portable applications improve battery charging and load switching, Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its line of P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFETs.

The FDMA910PZ and FDME910PZT feature the MicroFET™ MOSFET package and provide exceptional thermal performance for their physical size (2 × 2 mm & 1.6 × 1.6 mm), making them well suited for switching and linear mode applications. Available with a 20V rating, the devices offer low on-state resistance. To prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures, the FDMA910PZ and FDME910PZT are equipped with optimized Zener diode protection, which also reduces IGSS leakage maximum rating from 10µA to 1µA.

Fairchild - FDMA910

Features and Benefits:


  • Max RDS(ON) = 20 mΩ at VGS = –4.5V, ID = –9.4A
  • Max RDS(ON) = 24 mΩ at VGS = –2.5V, ID = –8.6A
  • Max RDS(ON) = 34 mΩ at VGS = –1.8V, ID = –7.2A
  • Low profile - 0.8 mm maximum in the MicroFET 2 × 2 mm package with HBM ESD protection level > 2.8kV typical


  • Max RDS(ON) = 24 mΩ at VGS = –4.5V, ID = –8 A
  • Max RDS(ON) = 31 mΩ at VGS = –2.5V, ID = –7 A
  • Max RDS(ON) = 45 mΩ at VGS = –1.8V, ID = –6

Low profile: 0.55 mm maximum in the MicroFET 1.6 × 1.6 mm Thin Package with HBM ESD protection level > 2kV typical

The FDMA910PZ and FDME910PZT are free from halogenated compounds and antimony oxides and are RoHS-compliant. Both devices provide safe operation at low-voltage and are suitable for use in handsets and portable devices.

Price: US $ in 1,000 quantity pieces

  • FDMA910PZ: $0.36
  • FDME910PZT: $0.33


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