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EiceDRIVER 1200V: Gate Driver ICs for Solar Inverters and UPS

Infineon » EiceDRIVER

Efficiency is the top priority in the field of photovoltaics. To ensure that the installations remain as cost-effective as possible, the industry needs technologies that enable solar energy to be converted into electricity as efficiently as possible. Efficiency gains of just one percent can yield enormous returns in this segment. As the leader in high-efficiency technologies, Infineon enables customers to achieve over 99 percent efficiency levels in photovoltaic inverters.

Infineon´s EiceDRIVER™ portfolio with coreless transformer technology comprises a comprehensive range of high-performance driver ICs for photovoltaic inverters. Infineon combines EiceDRIVER™ with CoolMOS™, IGBTs, silicon carbide (SiC) power switches and IGBT modules to enable customers to build efficient and reliable systems.

Infineon - EiceDRIVER

1ED020I12-F2, for example, is a single-channel product in the EiceDRIVER™ family. It features functional isolation and protection features such as desaturation detection, an active Miller clamp, undervoltage lockout and shut-down.

1ED020I12-FT also supports two-level turn-off. 1ED020I12-B2 and 1ED020I12-BT with basic isolation can be operated at transient ±1420V and static voltages of ±1200V in line with EN60747-5-2 as defined in UL1577.

Space-saving 2ED020I12-F2 combines two complete single-channel driver ICs in one condensed package. 2ED020I12-FI is a half-bridge driver with a galvanically isolated high side. 1EDI30J12CL (150mil) and 1EDI30J12CP (300mil) are two new highlights which, in combination with Infineon's Direct Drive SiC JFET, boost the reliability and efficiency of inverters for photovoltaic applications.

Direct Drive Technology from Infineon

Direct Drive Technology from Infineon


  • 1200V coreless transformer isolated driver ICs
  • Rail-to-rail outputs
  • Protection function


  • Solar
  • UPS

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