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Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces a New "5th GENERATION" Single LNB Regulator

Allegro » A8304

Higher Switching Frequency and Lower Supply Current

Allegro MicroSystems announces the newest release in a family of single Low Noise Block Regulators (LNBRs) for satellite receiver applications. Allegro’s A8304 LNBR is a monolithic linear and switching voltage regulator, specifically designed to provide the power and the interface signals to an LNB down converter via coaxial cable.

Allegro - A8304

The A8304 requires few external components, with the boost switch and compensation circuitry integrated inside of the device. The 704 kHz switching frequency and user-controlled output current limit minimize the size of the passive filtering components. The I2C™-compatible interface provides control capabilities for complex system requirements, as well as diagnostic capabilities for system fault reporting. A sleep pin is also available to maximize power savings and to quickly shut down the device if needed, without using I2C™ control. New control features for output source and sink current are also implemented in this latest generation device.

The A8304SESTR-T is provided in a very small 3 × 3 mm QFN package (suffix ES) with exposed pad for thermal dissipation. It is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.

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