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Infineon released the first family of a new generation of strategic integrated circuits (SBC)

Infineon » Driver SBC

Infineon  released Driver SBC is the first family in a new generation of System Basis Chips (SBS) from Infineon. It is a monolithic integrated circuit in an exposed pad VQFN-48 (7mm × 7mm) power package. This new family includes several variants to suit all application needs. 

Infineon Driver SBC

The Driver SBC is designed to function as a main supply for the microcontroller and an interface for a CAN-LIN bus network (supporting CAN partial networking if required) in various CAN-LIN automotive body applications. The feature set includes a 5V low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO) to supply the microcontroller, a 5V low-dropout voltage regulator with short-circuit protection against supply voltage (Vs) to supply the sensor, a HS CAN transceiver and LIN transceiver for data transmission, fully protected low- and high-side switches and a 16-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI) for device monitoring and control.

Driver SBC also comes with a window watchdog circuit with a reset feature as well as a fail output and an undervoltage reset feature. The device features low-power modes for applications that are permanently connected to a battery. It can be woken up from low-power mode by means of a bus message, bi-level sensitive monitoring/wake-up inputs or a cyclic wake function. Driver SBC is designed to withstand the harsh automotive environment.

A demo board is available to simplify device evaluation and speed up the design-in phase. The demo board can be connected to the “XC2000 power easy kit” and controlled via USB using a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) installed on a computer.

Additional SBC families will be released in the upcoming months to fulfill different automotive ECU requirements. All SBC families in this new generation are software-compatible and, whenever possible, hardware-compatible to reduce the effort involved in software and hardware development.


  • Periodic cyclic sense in normal, stop and sleep mode
  • Periodic cyclic wake in normal and stop mode
  • 5V, 250mA low-dropout voltage regulator
  • 5V, 100mA low-dropout voltage regulator, robust against short to Vs
  • High-speed CAN transceiver in line with ISO11898-5/-6 with partial networking
  • LIN transceivers LIN2.1 & LIN2.2, J2602
  • Two low-side outputs for relay drive with active zener clamping
  • Two 2Ω typ. high-side outputs, Four 7Ω typ. high-side outputs, for example for LED lighting or cyclic sensing
  • Four independent PWM generators and two on/off timers
  • Three universal high-voltage wake inputs for voltage level monitoring with cyclic sense functionality
  • Alternate high-voltage measurement function, for example for battery voltage sensing
  • One universal low-voltage wake input for voltage level monitoring with cyclic sense functionality
  • SYNC input for external cyclic sense control via a micro controller
  • Reset output and fail-safe output
  • Overtemperature and short-circuit protection feature
  • Wide input voltage and temperature range
  • Green product (RoHS-compliant) & AEC-qualified
  • VQFN-48 leadless package supports automatic optical inspection (AOI) through leap tip inspection (LTI)


  • Door modules
  • Power seat modules
  • Roof modules
  • Door closing devices (trunk, sliding door, etc.)

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