Vishay Intertechnology Releases New Series of Non-Magnetic, Non-Inductive Axial Lead Wirewound Resistors

Vishay MRA series MRA-05 MRA-10 MRA-12

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of non-magnetic, non-inductive axial lead wirewound resistors with high power ratings to 12 W and high-temperature operation to +350 °C, which is ideal for high-end audio and medical imaging equipment. 

Vishay MRA series

For radio frequency (RF) and operational amplifier applications, the non-magnetic and all-welded construction of the Vishay Mills MRA series devices, from the Vishay Dale Resistors division, greatly enhances frequency response. Combined with a non-inductive Ayrton-Perry winding, inductive reactance and signal loss are virtually eliminated.

The resistors provide power ratings from 4 W to 12 W at 25 °C and temperature ranges from -65 °C to +250 °C (characteristic U) and -65 °C to +350 °C (characteristic V). The devices offer resistance from 0.01 Ω to 85.0 kΩ, with tolerances of ± 1%, ± 5%, and ± 10%, and TCR of ± 90 ppm/°C for resistance below 0.99, ± 50 ppm/°C for resistance from 1.0 Ω to 9.9 Ω, and ± 30 ppm/°C for resistance of 10 Ω and above.

Device Specification Table:
Power Rating P25° C (W)
Resistance Range (Ω)
Characteristic U +250 °C
Characteristic V +350 °C
0.01 to 15.0 k
0.05 to 35.0 k
0.05 to 85.0 k

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