Blade 3×3 - Pushing the Boundaries for Discrete 25 V/30 V Power MOSFETs

Infineon Blade 3×3

Infineon releas Blade 3×3 is a discrete MOSFET package with 3.0 × 3.4 mm2 package outline. This new and revolutionary Blade packaging concept raises the bar for high-performance power packages.

Infineon Blade 3×3

The packaging technology does not use standard processes such as bonding or molding. Galvanic processes are used to realize interconnects and the die is protected with a laminate. Blade 3 × 3 is a source down package with low thermal resistance to the top side, which enables effective top-side cooling. The package footprint with two gate connections and large source and drain pads is optimized for high current handling and easy PCB layout. This technology enables designers to create products with lowest ON state resistances and highest power densities without compromising on performance and cooling.

Infineon Blade 3×3


  • Best-in-class on-state resistance
  • Low profile (0.55 mm)
  • Large drain and source connection pads
  • Optimized pin-out
  • Low thermal resistance to the package top side
  • RoHS-compliant and halogen-free


  • Notebook core, peripheral
  • Motherboard core, peripheral
  • Server
  • Telecom - point of load

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