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Hydrogen click released

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Our sixth sniffing sensor detects hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen click carries an MQ-8 sensor with a tin-dioxide sensing layer. It works like all our other sensor click boards (CO click, LPG click, Air quality, Alcohol click and Methane click) - the conductivity of the sensing layer increases as levels of H2 rise.


The detecting range of the board is from 100 to 10,000ppm of Hydrogen gas.

Where would you use it?

Few examples: hydrogen gas is used for metallic ore reduction, hydrochloric acid production, atomic hydrogen welding, as a rotor coolant in electrical generators and so on.

It's also the future of clean energy. The only problem is that there are some difficulties in harnessing hydrogen gas in a clean way. Splitting water is more expensive than getting hydrogen from natural gas, but that produces greenhouse gases, defeating the purpose. The future is in using solar power to split water and scientists are working on making that process more efficient.

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