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  1. Help Flip click continue its winning streak on Atmel's MCU Madness battle of the boards. In the spirit of the March Madness Men's College basketball tournament held at this time of year in the US, Atmel started an alternative competition MCU ...
  2. MikroElektronika Wireless connectivity is our most popular click category and it's still growing. People just want to let loose their designs. No strings attached. All wireless. In the IoT equation, the Internet stays the same, the thing is the ...
    Wireless » mikroElektronika » WiFly click
  3. Our sixth sniffing sensor detects hydrogen gas. Hydrogen click carries an MQ-8 sensor with a tin-dioxide sensing layer. It works like all our other sensor click boards ( CO click , LPG click , Air quality , Alcohol click and Methane click ) - the ...
    Sensors » mikroElektronika » Hydrogen click
  4. Continuing on mikroProg™ update, we present you the new release of dsPIC compilers for mikroBasic , mikroPascal , and mikroC v6.2.0. To begin with, a total of 59 new devices are supported, specifically, new PIC24 and dsPIC33 families from ...
    Microcontrollers usage · CAD & Software » mikroElektronika » mikroProg, mikroBasic, mikroPascal, mikroC
  5. MikroElektronika has announced its brand new tool chains for ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers: mikroC, -Pascal -Basic Pro for ARM. After months of hard work, we end this fantastic year with another great set of products. Exactly as scheduled the new ...
    Microcontrollers · Microcontrollers usage » mikroElektronika » mikroC, mikroPascal, mikroBasic
  6. MikroElektronika has brought out version 7 of the EasyPIC development board for PIC microcontrollers - EasyPIC v7 . Particular attention has been given to connectivity in the development of the new version, with four different connectors available ...
  7. Embedded tool manufacturer Mikroelektroniika has released two new development boards for the Atmel ATxmega, an especially powerful member of the popular AVR microcontroller family. Both boards are suitable for developing new designs and ...
    Microcontrollers · Microcontrollers usage » mikroElektronika » XMEGA-Ready Board, mikroXMEGA-Board
  8. mikroElektronika introducing new special offers for users who wants to develop GPS and GSM/GPRS devices easily and at the reasonable price. The kits includes development system, one of mikroElektronika’s compilers (mikroBasic, mikroPascal or ...
    Microcontrollers · Wireless » mikroElektronika » Easy GPS Kit 1 - PIC, Easy GPS Kit 2 - PIC, Easy GPS Kit 3 - PIC, Easy GPS Kit 1 - dsPIC, Easy GPS Kit 2 - dsPIC, Easy GPS Kit 3 - dsPIC, Easy GPS Kit 1 - AVR, Easy GPS Kit 2 - AVR, Easy GPS Kit 3 - AVR, Easy GSM Kit 1 - PIC, Easy GSM Kit 2 - PIC
  9. mikroElektronika recently released their BIGdsPIC6 Development System, aimed at users, who wish to develop and design devices using Microchip dsPIC30F devices. The new system supports 64- and 80-pin dsPIC30F microcontrollers. This new release of ...
  10. mikroElektronika announces the release of EasyLV-18F v6 Development System, which allows users to develop and design devices using Microchip PIC18J and PIC18K-series microcontrollers. The new system supports 40-, 28- and 20-pin PIC18FxxJxx ...
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