Vishay Intertechnology VRPower® Integrated DrMOS Power Stages Deliver High Current, Efficiency, and Power Density

Vishay SiC620

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new family of VRPower® integrated DrMOS power stage solutions in the low-profile, thermally enhanced PowerPAK® MLP 5 mm by 5 mm 31-pin package. Delivering currents in excess of 60 A per phase, Vishay Siliconix SiC620 devices are 30 % smaller than previous-generation 6 mm by 6 mm power stages, while enabling 3% higher efficiency to 95% peak. With reduced package parasitics compared to discrete solutions, the devices enable high switching frequencies to 1.5 MHz for increased power density and lower overall solution costs. 

Vishay SiC620

The integrated power stages released today combine high-side and low-side TrenchFET® Gen IV n-channel MOSFETs with industry-benchmark on-resistance, an advanced MOSFET driver IC, and a bootstrap Schottky diode — all in a compact 25 mm2 footprint area. The SiC620's gate driver IC is compatible with a wide range of PWM controllers and supports tri-state PWM logic of 5 V and 3.3 V.

Fully compliant with the DrMOS 4.0 specification, the SiC620 family is designed for high-power, multi-phase buck regulator applications in notebook PCs, servers, game consoles, graphics cards, switch and storage systems, and other high-power CPU-based systems, in addition to high-current, non-isolation point-of-load modules. Optimized for 12 V input rails, the regulators operate from an input voltage range of 4.5 V to 16 V and provide low PWM propagation delay of < 20 ns. Offering excellent thermal performance, the devices feature > 50 °C cooler operation than previous-generation solutions.

The devices’ driver IC incorporates Zero Current Detect circuitry to improve light-load efficiency, while an adaptive dead time control helps to further improve efficiency at all load points. Protection features include undervoltage lockout (UVLO), shoot-through protection, and a thermal warning feature that alerts the system in case of an excessive junction temperature.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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