Elmos: Direct Thermopile Signal Processing

Elmos E931.08

E931.18 with 1-wire-solution to the microcontroller

With the component E931.08, Elmos presents a sensor signal processor for direct processing of thermopile signals. The IC has been developed specifically for the interface between thermopile sensor and microcontroller or processor. An analog signal processing is not necessary. The microcontroller is connected via single-wire with a DOCI™ (Data Out, Clock In) interface. Furthermore the IC has EEPROM for calibration and identification.

Elmos - E931.08

The thermopile sensor is directly connected with the analog input of the E931.08. The sensor signal is converted into a 17 bit digital value and transmitted to the external microcontroller via DOCI™ interface. The operating voltage is at only 2.7 V.

Various devices can be safely used at the same time. The IC has a very accurate temperature analysis with a tolerance of less 0.02 K.

Possible applications for the E931.18 are compact ear thermometer, high-precision remote temperature measurements or infrared pyrometer.

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