Maxim Introduces Single, Dual, and Quad LVDS Line Receivers with "In-Path" Fail-Safe

Maxim MAX9171 MAX9172 MAX9173

Maxim Integrated introduces the MAX9171/MAX9172/MAX9173 single, dual, and quad LVDS line receivers with "in path" fail-safe. The MAX9171/MAX9172/MAX9173 accept LVDS and LVPECL signals and translate them to LVTTL/LVCMOS. All three receivers conform to the ANSI TIA/EIA-644 standard, making them ideal for minimizing power, EMI, and bit-error rates in the next-generation clock/data distribution networks of cell phone base stations, central office switches, networking switches/routers, DSLAMs, and other communications equipment.

China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

The MAX9171/MAX9172/MAX9173 are designed to operate with a single 3.3V (±10%) supply with low current consumption-6mA for the MAX9171, 9mA for the MAX9172, and 15mA maximum current for the MAX9173, while operating over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range. The MAX9171/MAX9172/MAX9173 are pin-compatible replacements for the DS90LV018A (SO packages only), DS90LV028A (SO packages only), and DS90LV048A (SO and TSSOP packages). All three devices are guaranteed for a 500Mbps data rate, which is 20% higher than the competition. The ultra-low 30ps (typ) pulse skew on the MAX9171/MAX9172 reduces bit errors by minimizing duty-cycle distortion. The MAX9171/MAX9172 are available in 8-pin SO and space-saving QFN and SOT23 packages; eight-pin QFN and SOT23 (3mm x 3mm) packages offer over 40% reduction in size over the SO package. The MAX9173 is offered in 16-pin TSSOP, SO, and space-saving QFN packages. Refer to the MAX9111/MAX9113 data sheet for LVDS receivers with lower pulse skew.

Prices start at $0.78 for the MAX9171, $1.35 for the MAX9172, and $1.99 for the MAX9173 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Full Data Sheet (PDF)

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