Maxim- 5V, Fail-safe, 40Mbps, Profibus RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers


November 3, 2003-Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX3465-MAX3469, fail-safe, 40Mbps Profibus transceivers. These devices are high-speed, differential-bus transceivers for RS-485 and RS-422 communications. They are designed to meet TIA/EIA-422-B, TIA/EIA-485-A, V.11, and X.27 standards. The transceiver complies with the Profibus specification, providing an output level greater than 2.1V with a 54 load, up to a 40Mbps data rate, and an output skew of less than 2ns. Each device contains one, three-state differential line driver and one differential-input line receiver. The devices operate from a 5V supply and feature true fail-safe circuitry, which guarantees a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are open or shorted. This enables all receiver outputs on a terminated bus to output logic highs when all transmitters are disabled.

All devices feature a 1/4 standard unit-load receiver-input impedance that allows 128 transceivers on the bus. Driver and receiver propagation delays are guaranteed under 20ns for multidrop, clock distribution applications. The drivers are short-circuit current limited and protected against excessive power dissipation by thermal shutdown circuitry. The driver and receiver feature active-high and active-low enables, respectively, that can be connected externally to serve as a direction control.

The MAX3465-MAX3469 are available in the commercial and extended temperature ranges in the narrow 8-pin SO and 8-pin PDIP packages (MAX3465/MAX3166) and the narrow 14-pin SO and 14-pin PDIP packages (MAX3467/MAX3468/MAX3469). Prices start at $1.42 (1000-up, FOB USA).

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