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Maxim: World's First 4-port Transceivers To Switch Among All T1, E1, And J1 Standards Without External-component Changes

Maxim » DS21455, DS21458

April 26, 2004 - Dallas Semiconductor introduces the DS21455 and DS21458, the only 4-port transceivers available that do not require external component changes to switch among T1, E1 and J1 standards. These devices contain all the line-interface and framer functions necessary to connect four T1, E1, or J1 lines. No relays or switched external components are required, and a single clock supports all standard T1, E1, or J1 operating modes. All ports are independently configurable and can be interleaved on the same 16.384MHz backplane. Additional transceiver features include software-selectable receive and transmit termination, two HDLC controllers per port, programmable bit-error-rate testing (BERT). and optional crystal-less jitter attenuation.

The DS21455 is pin and software compatible with the DS21Q55 for convenient migration of existing designs. The DS21458 is software compatible with the DS21Q55. The DS21455 is packaged in a 27mm x 27mm CSBGA, whereas the DS21458 has a slightly smaller package for higher density applications (17mm x 17mm).

All devices are available in commercial (0 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius) and industrial(-40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius) temperature ranges. Prices start at $36.99 for the DS21458 and $39.99 for the DS21455 (1000-up, FOB USA). An evaluation kit is available to speed designs.

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