Crocus Technology Introduces High Dynamic Range TMR MagneticField Sensors

Crocus Technology CT219

The CT219 is a contactless magnetic field sensor with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range that revolutionizes systems with legacy technologies such as Hall Effect and Current Transformers

Crocus Technology announces the availability of the CT219 magnetic field sensor. With industry-leading TMR technology, the CT219 makes older technologies obsolete due to its contactless nature, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range when used in a close-loop configuration. The CT219 would make it safer to deal with high current systems, significantly reduce the size and weight when replacing Current Transformers, and drive compact and green technology designs. The CT219 is also capable of measuring, with high accuracy, linear-distance movements induced by a magnetic field in applications such as gear measurements, servo-controlled motion systems, printers, automotive and robotics.

Crocus - CT219

Key advantages to customers include:

  • Contactless Current Sensing including differential measurements
  • Contactless Linear Position Sensing
  • Large dynamic range
  • Linearity Error lower than 0.5% of full-scale
  • High Sensitivity ~80 mV/mT
  • Small form factor JEDEC SOT-26 package
  • High-temperature stability from –40 to 125 °C

«The versatile CT219 contactless field sensor is revolutionizing applications such as smart meters, power distribution units (PDUs), motor control, smart appliances, and IoT-focused products,» said Zack Deiri, chief sales and marketing officer at Crocus Technology. «Whether measuring current for system power efficiency or linear position for displacement, the CT219 enables compact solid-state designs, energy savings, accuracy and repeatability demanded of existing systems and emerging IoT, industrial automation, and green technology products.»

CTD203 Current Sensing Demo Board
CTD203 Current Sensing Demo Board.

The CT219 is in full production and offered in a JEDEC SOT-26 package in tape and reel shipment method. Production samples may be ordered worldwide through our authorized distributors: Future Electronics, Mouser, Comtech, and Weikeng International.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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