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Elmos: PSI5 interface IC for up to 24 sensors

Elmos » E521.41

E521.41 according to the v1.3 and v2.1 standards

Elmos is presenting a PSI5 interface IC with the E521.41. This component enables communication to the microcontroller over four channels with up to 6 sensors each. Data rates of 125 kbit/s or 189 kbit/s are used for data transmission to the controller. The transceiver conforms to the v1.3 and v2.1 PSI5 standards.

Elmos - E521.41

PSI5 is an open standard for bidirectional digital sensor data transmission in motor vehicles. This solution has benefits compared to analogue versions, in particular regarding robustness, reliability and costs.

Each channel supplies the connected sensors with controlled direct current voltage over a cost-effective two-wire circuit. Bidirectional communication between the controller and sensor is also realised over the two-wire circuit using current and voltage modulation. The tooth gap and pulse width methods are supported for bidirectional communication. Synchronous or asynchronous channel operation is possible. SPI or UART is used for communication to the microcontroller. The voltage of the PSI5 channels can range from 4.6 V to 11 V depending on the application requirements.

Target applications for the E521.41 range from airbag to power train to chassis applications.

Regarding the safety requirements of the target application, the E521.41 meets the world’s highest standards. Elmos took the strict requirements of the functional safety standard according to ISO26262 into account and implemented them in each development step.

E521.41 - 4 Channel Multi-Mode PSI5 Transceiver Demonstration Board
E521.41 – 4 Channel Multi-Mode PSI5 Transceiver Demonstration Board.


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