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STMicroelectronics Extends its Low-Cost 8-bit Embedded Flash Microcontroller Range


ST7Lite series now available with 4KBytes and 8KBytes Flash memory in 20-pin packages

 ST7Lite series

Geneva, February 19, 2003 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has announced an extension to its ST7Lite series of highly integrated 8-bit Flash microcontrollers with the introduction of the ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2, two general-purpose devices that are offered with 4KBytes and 8KBytes Flash memory in 20-pin packages.

The ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2 build on the capabilities of the ST7Lite family, providing: software configurable x4 and x8 PLLs; an embedded operational amplifier that increases the ADC10 accuracy to 13-bit resolution in the 0 to 430mV range; an advanced Auto-Reload timer with simultaneous four-channel PWM generation; and a single input capture at up to 32MHz providing high PWM resolution.

The ST7Lite family is ideally suited to a wide range of applications including appliances, alarms, sensors, toys, battery-supplied equipment, industrial control and many other low-cost electronic products.

In addition to Flash program memory, which includes In-Application Programming, Readout and Write Protection capability, the ST7Lite series features a fully integrated high precision 1MHz 1% RC oscillator, fully integrated Reset circuitry with Low Voltage Detection (LVD), as well as a 7-channel 10-bit ADC with 3.5µs conversion time. The choice of power consumption to processing power ratio is also available via software control through five low power modes, including 1µA in HALT mode and 'Auto Wake Up From HALT' mode with 15µA consumption.

Additional features of the series include a range of pin-to-pin compatible devices, with and without E2 data and with external oscillator capabilities.

This new series employs ST's proprietary Extended Flash technology, which provides individual byte programming capability and operates as standard from 2.4 to 5.5V. Samples of ST7FLite1 and ST7FLite2 devices are available now in SO20 and DIP20 packaging with production volumes starting in March 2003. The first device in the series, the ST7FLite0 with 1.5KBytes of Flash memory in 16-pin packages, is available now in production volumes.

A complete set of state-of-the-art development tools allows user-friendly and efficient firmware development, at several levels of cost and capability. Available now, the $299 Indart-ST7F/LITE2 offered by Softec Microsystem is an in-circuit debugger / programmer kit providing a complete development environment including assembler, linker, debugger and programmer in ST's STVD7 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). High-end emulators are also available now from ST and several third party providers.

The ST7Lite family of microcontrollers will continue to expand in the near future with further devices offering very low cost memory and new package sizes.

Further information on ST microcontrollers is available at

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