New Intersil's Family of Products Includes the Power Precision Op Amp, the Quad Rail-to-Rail Instrumentation Amplifier, and the Power Efficient Voltage References

Intersil ISL21007 ISL21009 ISL28194 ISL28470

Intersil Corporation announced the creation of the pinPOINT™ Precision Analog product line to complement Intersil’s recognized leadership position in high speed analog products. This new product line will feature a wide range of low-power devices that provide unwavering signal accuracy.

Intersil’s pinPOINT™ family of products will feature precision voltage references, precision op amps, comparators, instrumentation amplifiers, current sensing amplifiers and data converters.

Intersil pinPOIN Precision Analog Product Line

The voltage reference products included in the pinPOINT™ family of products will include references that offer the industry’s highest performance at the lowest power consumption. The recently released ISL21007-ISL21009 sets new standards for low noise performance at low power, while the ISL60002 reference family delivers superior accuracy while using less than 1 microampere of supply current.

The pinPOINT™ product line will also include a wide range of amplifiers that feature true precision across the entire common mode voltage range due to their full rail-to-rail input capabilities with zero crossover distortion at very low power. Key devices in the family include the ISL28194, the industry’s lower power consuming op amp. This device has the ability to operate down to 1.8V with a maximum supply current of just 330 nA.

The micropower instrumentation amplifiers included in the pinPOINT™ family will enable designers to upgrade performance, save space and reduce costs. Standout devices in this family include ISL28470 which is the world’s first quad rail-to-rail input/output precision instrumentation amplifier.

All of Intersil’s pinPOINT™ amplifiers are specified over the full automotive temperature range (-40 C to 125 C), making them ideal for automotive and industrial applications. Most devices are offered in industry standard pinout package option as well as options that include enable pins that allow battery powered applications to shut down devices and extend battery life.

Future pinPOINT™ releases will include high-resolution Sigma Delta analog-to-digital converters, precision current sensing amplifiers and analog-to-digital drivers.

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