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Seoul Semiconductor Introduces World's Smallest 24W DC LED Drivers at Light Fair International 2017

Seoul Semiconductor » SMJR-N-1-16, SMJR-N-1-24, SMJR-N-2-16, SMJR-N-2-24

NanoDriver Series phase-cut LED drivers measure just 13.5 mm × 13.5 mm × 1.42 mm

Seoul Semiconductor has developed the industry’s smallest phase-cut DC LED driver series, with a power density 10X higher than conventional LED drivers. The NanoDriver Series is the world’s smallest miniature converter at just 13.5 mm wide, and is available in four versions rated for 16 W and 24 W output power for operating LED lighting with input power of 120 V/230 V (50 – 60 Hz). Manufactured with Seoul Semiconductor’s original Acrich technology, the NanoDriver Series features an IC directly attached to the substrate, dramatically reducing the size of the converter.

Seoul Semiconductor - NanoDriver

In the future, Seoul Semiconductor will also launch the MicroDriver Series high performance drivers for LED lighting fixtures from 900 to 2400 lumens. The MicroDriver Series is designed with a miniature package that reduces the size of the converter by more than 10X to enable the integration of the control circuitry with the external driver, making it possible to mount more light sources on the board, reduce the size of the board.

The NanoDriver Series requires few external components, and delivers 16 W/24 W of output power in a package just 13.5 mm × 13.5 mm × 1.42 mm. These drivers are ideal for downlight, flush mount, track and spotlight fixtures. Their small size enables ultra-thin and novel fixture designs in wall sconces, making conventional lamp replacement possible without the need for a large volume recess for the driver, or a reduction in the light output.

The resulting decrease in the LED drivers’ physical size has significant business implications for the lighting industry, giving lighting designers the ability to shrink the size of light fixtures by as much as 20, which reduces shipping and storage costs. Because conventional LED drivers are both heavy and bulky, they are typically shipped via sea freight from manufacturers in Asia to European and North American fixture companies, with transit times up to six weeks. The NanoDriver Series are small and lightweight enough to make airfreight practical and economical, reducing transit time and making the overall supply chain more flexible and responsive.

Typical Circuit diagram
Typical Circuit diagram.

The NanoDriver Series is available in four models rated for output power of 16 W and 24 W, for LED assemblies operating at input voltages of 120 V/230 V (50 – 60 Hz). The drivers have typical efficiencies of 85 and power factor correction (PFC) of > 0.9, and are rated for inrush current of <30 mA, with an over-temperature protection feature that limits the LED current at temperatures above 160 °C. Operating temperature range is –40 °C to +70 °C (ambient) and –40 °C to +120 °C (at TC point).

The drivers are UL recognized, provide flicker-free, low ripple current operation for phase-cut dimmers, and are compliant to California Title 24, enabling lighting designers to meet the most challenging design requirements, including low flicker, high power factor, Class B EMI and 2 kV surge.

The NanoDriver Series LED drivers are available immediately from Seoul Semiconductor.

Seoul Semiconductor - NanoDriver

NanoDriver Series LED drivers

Part No. Input Voltage
Output Power
SMJR-N-1-16 120 16
SMJR-N-1-24 120 24
SMJR-N-2-16 230 16
SMJR-N-2-24 230 24

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