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  1. NanoDriver Series phase-cut LED drivers measure just 13.5 mm × 13.5 mm × 1.42 mm Seoul Semiconductor has developed the industry’s smallest phase-cut DC LED driver series, with a power density 10X higher than conventional LED ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Seoul Semiconductor » SMJR-N-1-16, SMJR-N-1-24, SMJR-N-2-16, SMJR-N-2-24
  2. Seoul Semiconductor announced the immediate start of the mass production of its LED Chip-On-Board Package for use in LED filament bulbs, a market currently estimated to be $1.3 billion globally. Seoul Semiconductor's filament LEDs can realize ...
    Electronic components · Optoelectronics · Light » Seoul Semiconductor » SFW8C32A-xx, SFW8C32A-xx, SFW8C32A-xx, SFW8C31A-xx, SFW8C31A-xx, SFW8C52A-xx
  3. Acrich3 Technology - Ability to interface with existing Smart lighting protocols. Acrich3 technology with enhanced compatibility with existing TRIAC dimmers. Seoul Semiconductor announced the availability of new Acrich3 modules for a wide range of ...
  4. This new Acrich technology has been optimized for street and area lighting applications that require high light output, reliability, and high cost performance Seoul Semiconductor has announced the release of a new generation of Acrich MJT 5050 ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Seoul Semiconductor » Acrich MJT 5050
  5. Save Energy consumption up to 50% with Power Factor 0.99 Improves Compatibility with Triac Dimmers and adds DC Dimming interface Seoul Semiconductor has announced that its latest Acrich2, AC LED module, is now available for volume production orders ...
  6. Full-scale mass production of 100 lm/W began in the first quarter of the year and mass production of 150 lm/W is near due to rapid progress in research Seoul Semiconductor (CEO Chung Hoon Lee, ), a world's leading LED manufacturer ...
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