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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Debuts High Performance HV MOSFET Platform

Alpha & Omega » AOTF190A60L

Engineered for superior switching and EMI performance

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced the release of AOTF190A60L, the first product in the new αMOS5™ HV MOSFET platform. This device provides high-efficiency performance in an easy-to-use solution optimized for server power supplies, high-end computers, charging stations and other high-performance applications. αMOS5™ reduces the on-resistance ‟RDS × A" per unit area by 30% versus the previous generation, enabling lower conduction losses in the application. It also enables future HV product offerings to fulfill the market trend of higher power density in new, smaller and more efficient packages.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - AOTF190A60L

Additionally, αMOS5™ significantly improves switching performance compared to major competitors; AOTF190A60L offers lower total gate charge with much shorter switching plateau time, which helps reduce switching losses. The new product is packaged in a full-molded TO-220F and has a maximum RDS(ON) of 190 mOhm.

αMOS5™ was engineered to provide superior EMI performance by optimizing parasitic parameter behavior. The following waveform comparison shows how the EMI is controlled, with a suppressed reverse recovery current (Irr) and a much smoother voltage ramp up during the device turn off.

‟The switched-mode power supply is the energy heart in modern IT equipment. The demand for higher power conversion efficiency is driven by the huge amount of electricity consumed by power supplies around the world. High performance converting topologies such as LLC have become the standard solution for most AC/DC converters used by servers inside data center and telecom infrastructure. MOSFET performance is critical to achieving the highest efficiency provided by the power converters. We are glad to announce the release of the AOTF190A60L, based on our latest high voltage MOSFET platform – αMOS5™. The new technology platform targets high efficiency solutions in both PFC and LLC applications," said Simon Lu, Marketing Director of HV MOSFET product line at AOS.

Pricing and Availability

The AOTF190A60L is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $2.24.

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