Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Unveils High-Performance Smart Power Stage (SPS) Family

Alpha & Omega AOZ5273QI AOZ5276QI AOZ5277QI AOZ5279QI

AOZ527xQI Series’ Provide High Efficiency, Multiphase Controller Agnostic Solution for High-Performance GPUs, Server, 5G, and AI

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced a new series of Smart Power Stages (SPS) targeting multiphase VR regulators powering high-performance GPU and CPU in desktop Add-In Graphics Cards (AICs), gaming laptops, servers, data storage, artificial intelligence, and networking equipment.

Alpha & Omega - AOZ5273QI, AOZ5276QI, AOZ5277QI, AOZ5279QI

The AOZ527xQI series uses AOS’s latest generation of a flexible smart driver IC and Gen Alpha MOSFET technology to provide benchmark performance in an industry-standard 5 mm × 6 mm QFN package. The series comprises three DC current levels for multiphase voltage regulator optimization.

An SPS provides current monitoring (IMON) and temperature monitoring (TMON) information. The IMON function is used to replace traditional DCR sensing schemes with improved accuracy and eliminates the external components needed for DCR sensing and tuning. The TMON pin doubles as a fault pin, reporting the power stage temperature by outputting an analog voltage of 8 mV/°C. The TMON pin is an open-drain output that pulls high in the event of a fault.

The AOZ527xQI uses a highly flexible and configurable driver IC to make this SPS compatible with many multiphase controllers in the market. It includes protection features such as Over-Current Protection (OCP), Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), High-Side FET Source Detect (HSD), and Pre-Over-Voltage Protection (Pre-OVP). While AOS follows the industry standard 5 × 6 common footprint for a smart power stage, AOS's SPS also features a unique dynamic control of OCP threshold settings and Zero-Cross Detect (ZCD) light load operation. AOS SPS series offers both performance and robustness to support high peak currents common in servers, high-performance GPU and AI applications. This performance is guaranteed, and all devices in this family feature high peak current capability, up to 150 A for 10 µs and 100 A for 10 ms.

Technical Highlights

The AOZ527xQI family of SPS supports both server, AI and GPU add-in card (12 V input) as well as gaming laptop (20 V input) input voltage operating range. Three performance levels (60 A, 70 A, and 90 A) allow tradeoffs in the current/phase and number of phases.

  • DC Operating Range:
  • 3 V to 20 V for AOZ5273/6/7QI
  • 3 V to 25 V for AOZ5279QI
  • Universal standard QFN5×6 package
  • Capable of up to 150 A for 10 µs
  • Capable of up to 100 A for 10 ms
  • Full waveform Current Monitor (IMON) with better than 5% accuracy
  • Temperature Monitor (TMON) with open-drain Fault reporting
  • Dynamic control of OCP threshold and ZCD control
Part Number DC Current Rating Abs Max VIN Voltage
AOZ5273QI 70 A 25 V
AOZ5276QI 90 A 25 V
AOZ5277QI 60 A 25 V
AOZ5279QI 60 A 30 V

Pricing and Availability

The AOZ527xQI series is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks. The unit price in 1,000 pieces quantities is $1.75 for AOZ5277QI, $1.84 for AOZ5279QI, $2.43 for AOZ5273QI, and $2.83 for AOZ5276QI.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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