IDT Introduces Low Power UWB Motion Sensor


Newest UWB motion sensor provides accurate reporting of movement with low power requirements

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) introduces the CXWL0009 UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) sensor to support the future needs of motion sensing and movement tracking in a single, low-power consumption chip. The high-performance sensor significantly reduces the size and power requirements of future motion detection systems used in both commercial and consumer applications.

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Sensing requirements have recently increased to the point where more is needed than a simple detector, with only a limited ability to minimize an unwanted response from the sensor. UWB technology enables high-resolution indoor real-time tracking and positioning. The IDT® UWB sensor has the flexibility to be configured with both a minimum and maximum distance to the movement. The easy and flexible setup of the CXWL0009 sensor make it ideal for unobtrusive installation in sensitive locations, providing the confidence required for accurate reporting of movement.

The CXWL0009 is a monolithic UWB motion detector chip that integrates a transmit output amplifier with a full receive path. The transmit power level is adjustable along with the detection range. The homodyne radar architecture helps to reduce the power consumption. An I2C digital interface is used to communicate and configure the chip for the desired configuration. Configurable features include pulse rate, peak output power, receive gain and distance limits.

Key Features of CXWL0009

  • Application distance: 1 m (min), 30 m (max)
  • Pulse rate (selectable): 125 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz, or 1 MHz
  • Power: < 10 mA

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