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Elmos: LED controller for automotive rear lighting with patented power management

Elmos » E522.90, E522.91, E522.92, E522.93

E522.9x linear controller family for up to 3×55 mA – constant light intensity

With the E522.90/91/92/93 ICs, Elmos is presenting a product family of LED controllers for use in automotive rear lighting. The E522.9x family has an output current of 14 mA to 55 mA per channel. Up to 165 mA/IC is possible in parallel operation. Patented power management ensures a constant lighting intensity of the LEDs even under difficult thermal conditions. A variable proportion of the incurred power loss is shifted to external shunts for this purpose, enabling even and effective heat distribution without hot spots on the PCB. Here the unique dual concept avoids an additional drop via the linear controller stage.

Elmos - E522.90, E522.91, E522.92, E522.93

Additional characteristics include comprehensive diagnosis features that ensure reliable system operation through LED driver open/short recognition, IR config open/short, barrier layer temperature control and overvoltage control.

Both joint and channel-specific PWM dimming are provided. A “RUN” diagnosis interface supports the operation of LED clusters with more than three phases, which are then supplied with current by connected ICs.

Full compatibility with the E522.80-83 ICs that deliver 48 mA up to 151 mA permits drop-in replacement for extremely easy adaptation of existing systems.

The ICs offer two configurable operating modes for error handling: “Failure Feedback Mode” on the one hand (when an error is identified, the affected channel is deactivated and the individual error is signalled) and, on the other hand, “Single Lamp Mode” where all connected LED phases act as a single connected light source. All channels are turned off here if an error occurs, and the IC merely draws a low standby current from the supply in this case – thus the supplying control unit can detect a failure clearly and positively.

The input voltage range is specified at 5 V to 25 V, with a maximum value of 40 V.

The semiconductor family is delivered in a SO16N housing with exposed die pad and is qualified according to AEC-Q100.

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