Elmos introduces BLDC motor driver for 48V board net

Elmos E523.50

3-fold Half-Bridge Driver IC E523.50 for BLDC Applications

Elmos introduces with the E523.50, a threefold 72 V half-bridge driver for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Feasible are automotive applications with 12/24 V- (Trucks) and 48 V board net power supply as well as industrial applications with 24 to 60 V power supplies. The IC complies with AEC-Q100, Grade 0 (150 °C) requirements.

Elmos - E523.50

The digital RUN pin and six digital inputs control the three half-bridge gate drivers (three high side and three low side gate drivers). The IC is configurable for six direct control inputs or three enable and three PWM (pulse width modulation) inputs. In the latter case, the dead time is generated automatically and can be adjusted using an external resistor.

The component has an integrated DC/DC step-down (buck) converter, which provides the drivers and other loads with a gate voltage of 11 V/100 mA. The internal 3.3 V control unit is able to supply the microcontroller with up to 20 mA. An external boost transistor can be connected for higher loads.

Among the component characteristics are comprehensive diagnostics and protective features. Two error outputs show any over-current, low voltage and excessive temperature rise. The excellent heat transfer properties of the exposed-pad QFN housing make it possible to operate the IC close to its maximum permissible temperature of up to 170 °C.

E523.50 Motor Control Developement PCB
E523.50 Motor Control Developement PCB.
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