Analog Devices: New Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Offers Industry's Highest Common Mode Rejection In MSOP Package

Analog Devices AD8221

AD8221 features 90 dB common mode rejection to 10 kHz (at G=1); reduces package size by 50 percent

Norwood, MA (January 13, 2003)- Analog Devices The AD8221 instrumentation amplifier provides the highest CMR (common mode rejection) over frequency of any instrumentation amplifier available in an MSOP package, which is half the size of a traditional SOIC package. CMR is the most important attribute of an instrumentation amplifier, and the AD8221 provides breakthrough performance of 90 dB (at G = 1) to 10 kHz. Also, the CMR of the device improves as the gain increases. The high CMR holds system errors to a minimum by rejecting common mode voltage noise—to 10 kHz and beyond—from sources including motors, repair equipment, switching power supplies, and high-frequency medical equipment.

Along with excellent noise immunity, the AD8221 also features low input offset voltage (100 microvolts), low input offset voltage drift (0.8 microvolts per degree C), low gain drift (10 ppm per degree C at G = 1), and low noise (7 nanovolts per rt-Hz RTI noise at 1 kHz). The AD8221 operates at a quiescent current of 1 milliamp over a resistor-programmable gain range of 1 to 1000.


The AD8221's small size make it ideal for applications requiring multiple high-performance channels in a limited amount of space. Medical applications include equipment for monitoring ECGs, respiration, vital signs, and pacemakers, portable defibrillators, and surgical support. Industrial applications include programmable logic controllers, universal drives, sensor modules, and motor controllers. Instrumentation and data acquisition applications include multi-channel I/O boards, portable gas detectors, flow meters, and automotive test equipment.

Availability and Pricing

The AD8221 is sampling now in an 8-pin MSOP package, is specified over the standard industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C, and is priced at $2.25 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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