AKM releases ultra-low noise current sensor for audio system

AKM AK3101 AK3102 AK3103 AK310H

AKM has developed ultra-low noise coreless current sensors for improving audio quality of large sized speakers such as subwoofers. The AK310x series is suitable for a system which controls voicecoil motion in speakers (Motional Feedback) by current feedback. This series can be used for controlling industrial motors, since it is certified to UL safety standards.

AKM - AK3101, AK3102, AK3103, AK310H


  • Achieving Ultra-Low Noise:
    Although conventional current sensors had large noise, the AK310x series reduces the noise extremely to combine with a signal processing IC and an ultra-high sensitivity Hall element. It achieves the world’s best noise performance of –108 dBm/√Hz.
  • Ultra-Low Impedance:
    The damping factor of the speaker is almost unaffected because the AK310x series can measure the current with a 1.6 mΩ impedance. This series is suitable for motional feedback system.
  • Ultra-small Package Certified to Safety Standard:
    The AK310x series adopts an ultra-small coreless package, (D/W/H: 7.6 × 7.9 × 1.15 mm). It is certified to IEC/UL60950 and planned to be certified to IEC/UL1577, suitable for various industrial applications such as AC motors and general-purpose inverters.

AKM - AK3102

Main Specifications of the AK310x series

Product Name Linear Sensing Range
Output Noise
Response Time
AK3101 ±10.7 195 –102 2
AK3102 ±21 100 –108 2
AK3103 ±35 60 –108 2
AK310H ±42 50 –108 2

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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