Digital and Analog MEMS Microphones Added to CUI's Audio Product Group


CUI’s Audio Group announced the introduction of a comprehensive line of MEMS microphones ideal for a range of portable electronic devices. Boasting improved audio quality, performance, and reliability, CUI’s CMM series is housed in extremely compact, low profile footprints measuring as small as 2.75 × 1.85 × 0.95 mm. As reflow solder compatible components, these MEMS microphones will afford designers additional flexibility where surface mount assembly is required, making them well suited for audio recording and voice capture in smart phones, tablets, smart home devices, wearables, and more.

Digital and Analog MEMS Microphones Added to CUI's Audio Product Group

CUI’s MEMS microphones are omnidirectional and available in analog or digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output types with top or bottom port locations. Offering round or rectangular form factors, the CMM series models carry sensitivity ratings from –44 up to –26 dB and signal to noise ratios from 57 up to 65 dBA. These MEMS microphones also deliver reduced vibration sensitivity, low current draw down to 80 microamps (µA), and wide operating temperature ranges from –40 up to +105 °C. With tight sensitivity tolerances as low as ±1 dB, the CMM series is a perfect fit for array applications used to perform functions such as beam forming and noise cancellation. A unique inner chamber construction also provides more stable performance and gives these silicon-based microphones added protection against moisture and dust.

CMM-2718AT-42308-TR Frequency Response Curve
CMM-2718AT-42308-TR Frequency Response Curve.

The CMM series is available immediately with prices starting at $0.45 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing.

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