Toshiba launches compact, high-efficiency DC brushed motor driver IC with popular pin-assignment HSOP8 Package

Toshiba TB67H450FNG

Low-power, single channel H-bridge driver IC offers popular pinout and wide operating voltage range

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its line-up of DC brushed motor driver ICs with a highly efficient, single-channel H-bridge driver offering a maximum rating of 50 V/ 3.5 A and the industry’s lowest standby current. Supplied in a compact, HSOP8 surface mount package and featuring a popular pinout, the TB67H450FNG is ideal for new DC brushed motor designs or as a plug-in replacement to improve and upgrade existing applications in addition to offering more product sourcing options.

Toshiba - TB67H450FNG

The device, which is fabricated using Toshiba’s BiCD process, can drive brushed motors with voltages from 4.5 V to 44 V. As a result, it is suitable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial equipment including office automation and banking terminals, white goods, robot vacuum cleaners, and other home appliances. A low standby current consumption of 1 µA is achieved as a result of a newly developed power supply circuit that controls the VCC regulator in standby mode. This contributes to saving power in many modern battery-powered applications such as small household robots and electronic locks as well as devices powered by 5 V USB power supplies and improves the battery life of battery powered devices.

Capable of driving DC brushed motors in a total of four constant-current modes (forward, reverse, brake and stop), the TB67H450FNG can deliver up to 50 V/ 3.5 A via a low on-resistance (0.6 Ω) built-in MOSFET. The highly integrated motor driver IC includes a single H-bridge channel and incorporates several error detection features such as thermal shutdown (TSD), over current detection (ISD) and undervoltage lockout (UVLO). A built-in voltage regulator supports internal circuit operation.

Measuring just 4.9 mm × 6.0 mm, the new IC minimizes PCB space while offering excellent thermal performance via the inclusion of an E-pad.

Mass production shipments of the TB67H450FNG start today.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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