Toshiba launches new family of low voltage driven photorelays

Toshiba TLP3406SRH TLP3406SRL TLP3407SRH TLP3407SRL TLP3412SRH

Tiny packages enable high-density test equipment applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe introduced a new family of five photorelays housed in one of the industry’s smallest package. The new devices are suited for use in automatic test equipment, memory testers, SoC/LSI testers and probe cards.

Toshiba - TLP3406SRH, TLP3406SRL, TLP3407SRH, TLP3407SRL, TLP3412SRH

Both TLP34xxSRL devices and all three of the TLP34xxSRH series have input voltage driven characteristics. The TLP3406SRL and TLP3407SRL support a DC voltage range of 1.8 V (typ.) to 3.3 V (typ.), while TLP3406SRH, TLP3407SRH and TLP3412SRH support a DC voltage range of 3.3 V (typ.) to 5 V (typ.), characteristics that enhance compatibility with today’s low voltage FPGAs.

Внутренняя схема фотореле
The internal circuit of the photorelay.

The new photorelays are housed in tiny S-VSONR4 (2.0 mm × 1.45 mm) packages and require a mounting space of just 2.9 mm2, a footprint approximately 27% smaller than Toshiba’s previous generation VSONR4 (2.75 mm × 1.45 mm) package. In addition, all devices have a built-in input resistor, saving space by eliminating the need for an external resistor. The tiny packaging will allow engineers to design smaller test boards, especially probe cards. It also allows the number of photorelays on a board to be increased to achieve higher density solutions.

Despite their tiny package size, the new photorelays can drive large currents. The TLP3406SRx delivers up to 1.5 A with an off-state voltage (VOFF) of 30 V and an on-state resistance (Ron) of 0.2 Ω (max.) while the TLP3407SRx is capable of up to 1 A with a VOFF of 60 V and RON of 0.3 Ω. The TLP34012SRH can drive up to 0.4 A (VOFF = 60 V / RON = 1.5 Ω). This makes all the new devices highly suited to device power supply applications across a wide range of test equipment. All devices are guaranteed to work at operating temperatures up to 110 °C and provide 500 Vrms of isolation.

Shipments of the new devices will begin immediately.

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