Ampleon Releases the Industry's Most Efficient 500-Watt LDMOS Transistor Operating in the 433 MHz Band

Ampleon BLP05H9S500P

Ampleon released the BLP05H9S500P LDMOS-based power amplifier transistor designed for use in industrial heating, defrosting, plasma lighting and medical applications.

Ampleon - BLP05H9S500P

Operating at a frequency range of between 423 to 443 MHz, the BLP05H9S500P can deliver up to 500-Watt output power in pulsed or continuous wave modes and enables so far untapped drain efficiency levels of typically 75%. Such best in class characteristics will keep the required cooling capacity to a minimum while also saving both space and operation costs.

The BLP05H9S500P Amplifier Internal Circuit
The BLP05H9S500P Amplifier Internal Circuit.

In addition, the lightweight push-pull transistor amplifier was specifically designed to withstand a VSWR of 10:1 at 50 Volt through all phases with no damage or degradation, further simplifying the system design and protection circuitry.

The BLP05H9S500P is based on Ampleon’s 9th generation high voltage LDMOS process technology and comes in a low thermal resistance OMP780 package. It is currently in production with a minimum longevity commitment of 15 years.

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