Omron's 100A Relay Runs Cool Thanks to Ultra-low Contact Resistance

Omron G7EB

eeNews Europe

Omron Electronics Components has moved into the high power relay market with the launch of a 100 A device featuring exceptionally low heat generation due to an ultra-low contact resistance.

Omron - G7EB

Aimed at distribution power conditioning systems (PCS) as well as test equipment such as semiconductor testers, the Omron G7EB can switch up to 100 A at 800 Vac. Its ultra-low 5 milli-ohm contact resistance greatly reduces heat generation within the component. This not only improves reliability by reducing the heat stress on the device and the surrounding circuit, but also minimizes energy wastage. As a result, the G7EB experiences a temperature rise to about +40 °C with a 100 A carry current, as opposed to +80 °C for competing designs. PCS designs commonly feature three or more of this type of relay. The 40.5 × 50.5 × 37 mm relay helps reduce overall system size, while its reduced requirement for heat sinks yields further space savings for the system designer.

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